Sober Recovery Coach Value

Recovery coaching online or in person is another tool you can use to support your journey to long term addiction recovery. You know you want to overcome addiction, but you don’t necessarily know the tools , or where to start. A recovery coach understands the process of recovery and is there to guide you through.

Everything productive begins with a good plan. You have a long term goal for recovery, and the sober recovery coach helps you develop an effective plan to reach that goal. You know you want to stay clean and maintain abstinence, but you are not sure what to do when the thoughts and  cravings start. Your sober recovery coach will have the answers you need and be accessible to you in person or on skype in that moment.

The certified recovery coach will help you figure out how to apply the various tools available to addicts recovering from addiction. He or She knows where the 12 Step meetings are in your area if you’re good with trying the 12 Step approach. they can help you build a sober support system so you don’t feel all alone as you fight your alcohol addiction. they can even recognize the signs of impending relapse and guide you to the correct program, counselor or AA meeting that will help.

A trained recovery coach is like a best friend who is sober and wants you to achieve your life goals in recovery. The main difference is that this sponsor or best friend has all the knowledge and information necessary to be really helpful on your sober life journey. supports can’t do the work for you, but they can be peers to make sure you do the right work.

Life Coaching is a concept that comes from the college sports world. If you played a sport in high school, you are familiar with the role of a coach. He, or she, is the one who organizes the team, plans the practices, runs the early morning drills, critiques your performance and gives you pointers on how to improve. Without the team coach, a sports franchise would just be a bunch of kids playing ball. The effective coach makes the practices more organized and productive.

You may also have life experience with another type of coach or trainer in your adult life. If you’ve ever used a personal trainer at the gym, you know about peer to peer coaching. The trainer designs your workout with your individual goals in mind. They use their knowledge of health physical education, bodybuilding, kinesiology and any other related training they have to help you improve.

You could go to the gym every day and do your workout without the personal trainer, but results would not be the same. When the certified recovery coach is with you, you push a little harder because you don’t want to disappoint them or yourself. When you have the event trainer there motivating you and answering your questions about sobriety as they come up, you get better results. You don’t skip the last repetition when you know someone is watching. And when your personal peer to peer coach tells you you’re capable of one more, you do it.

The same is true for a recovery coach. She brings a lot of knowledge about addiction recovery and helps you through your individual program. She doesn’t do the work for you or even tell you what work you need to do. You steer the process by telling her the outcome you’re looking for. The recovery coach helps you figure out what steps you need to take to reach that outcome.

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