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Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Road to Recovery

Goal and Career Setting


Stuck in the vicious cycle, depressed and spiraling out of control? we can help you.

Relationship Coaching

Many couples are scared to take the dive into therapy, we want to help with that 

Stress Management

Stress can get int the way of accomplishing goals in your life, let us clear the path

Career / Goal Advice

Need to clean up your resume, interview help? Steps to reach your goal?

What Is Online Therapy?
Who is Online Therapy For?

 Therapists use a variety of apps for texting, video chatting, voice messaging and audio messaging. Individuals who seek help but don’t have the time to make it into an office. Or don’t have the ability and/or have fear of speaking with someone face-to-face. Online Therapy makes receiving help fast, easy and secure.

In-Person Expenses

In-office therapy is expensive
average $75-150 per session. With online therapy your prices are much lower and affordable.


Many people don’t attend therapy because they’re embarrassed or don’t want anyone knowing they are receiving help. Online therapy allows them to receive the help they need discreetly.


Being on a tight schedule, not having the means of transportation, having a disability? Being able to talk to your therapist whenever you are makes everything much easier.

Can Be On-The-Go

Not only can you talk to your therapist virtually, but having the ability to text your therapist makes it easy to get in contact right away and convey your thoughts fully


“Online Therapy has helped me overcome a lot of the struggles I was facing, it’s given me confidence and faith in myself. Thank You!!”


“I had a fear of opening up and talking to strangers, having the help I need online at my fingertips really helped me overcome my issues.”


“For a long time, I just wanted someone to listen and guide me through my dark phase, not only did I have a mentor but a friend.”


Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

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